Why You Should Thank President Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter was not only a charismatic leader but also a passionate advocate for renewable energy, especially solar power, during his tenure in the late 1970s. Let’s journey back in time to uncover how Jimmy Carter laid the foundation for our solar-powered present!

  1. ***White House Solar Panels: The Shining Symbolism***
    Picture this: the White House, bathed in sunlight, boasting solar panels glistening on its roof. In 1979, Jimmy Carter made this a reality, symbolizing the potential and hope that solar energy could bring to the nation. It was a statement, an iconic gesture that set the stage for solar advocacy across the United States.
  2. ***Energy Policy Act of 1978: A Beacon of Change***
    Jimmy Carter signed the National Energy Act into law in 1978, a landmark piece of legislation that encompassed his vision for a greener future. This act, among other things, provided incentives and tax credits for utilizing solar power in both residential and commercial spaces. It was a beacon of change, lighting the way for a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape.
  3. ***The Department of Energy: Energizing Progress***
    In 1977, Carter established the Department of Energy (DOE) to centralize energy policy and research. This visionary move coordinated efforts to advance solar energy research and development, energizing progress in the renewable energy sector. The DOE continues to be a crucial player in the field, furthering solar innovations and policies.
  4. ***Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI): A Glowing Legacy***
    In the spirit of fostering solar energy advancement, Jimmy Carter initiated the creation of the Solar Energy Research Institute (now known as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) in 1977. SERI became a hub for research and development, a beacon of knowledge, dedicated to shedding light on solar power and driving innovation in the renewable energy sphere.
  5. ***Inspiring Energy Conservation: The Carter Crusade***
    Carter was not only about solar power but also about energy conservation. He urged Americans to reduce their energy consumption, promoting simple yet impactful practices like using solar water heaters and improving home insulation. His emphasis on energy consciousness left a lasting impression, encouraging a mindset of sustainability.

Jimmy Carter’s legacy in promoting solar energy is a shining testament to the power of passion and vision. Today, you can access solar energy in your home, your apartment, at church… EVERYONE WITH A UTILITY BILL QUALIFIES. So let’s thank President Carter for his undeniable impact on the solar revolution in the past and look to the future by going solar in the present. Enroll in community solar in Maine today!