Support Portland Rising and Renewable Energy

Join Portland Rising, Maine Community Solar to support two great causes at once.

Photo credit: Mark Lessard

You give time, Rising gets money. We’re REALLY excited to be launching a fundraising initiative that is 100% free, action-based and makes a positive impact on our communities and the environment. For every community solar sign-up completed between March 23rd and June 8th, Maine Community Solar will donate $50-100 to Portland Rising. Our goal is to collectively raise $5,000 for the team with 50+ sign-ups.

We know fundraisers can be inaccessible to our wonderful fans with less or no discretionary income. We’re always striving to be more inclusive, and we’re stoked to have this way to raise much needed funds that’s open to (almost) everyone who pays an electric bill (i.e. money that you already have to spend). The magic win-win-win is that participants actually save a little money too.

The biggest barrier to signing up for community solar is an information gap, which is always the case when something new and different becomes possible. Gabriel Robertson, a Maine Community Solar rep and partner of Portland Rising’s Caitlin O’Connell #52, is dedicated to bridging that gap. They are available to answer questions and provide enrollment support.

We’re so grateful to anyone able to support Rising by giving their time to learn about community solar and take action for renewable energy.


Watch this video created by Ampion for an overview of the program and check out Gabriel’s linktree for a wealth of resources about community solar. If you’re on social media, look for the informational posts and stories from @portlandrising and @inclusive_solar.


Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Fill out the short interest/contact form below. (If you select “other” for your electric utility or if your bill is <$60/mo, please connect with Gabriel after hitting submit.)
  2. On the solar provider (Ampion) fundraiser site, where you’ll be redirected, follow the step by step instructions to self-enroll. It typically takes 5-10 minutes.
  3. If you’re not already in touch with Gabriel, send them a copy of the bill you used to enroll or wait until they reach out to you to address any loose ends and confirm you’re good to go.

Gabriel can be reached at or by text or phone (207) 531-5608.

Whether you rent or own, pay an electric bill yourself or know someone else who does, your participation matters. Let’s RISE!

Sign up here.