Community Spotlight: ReTreeUS and Maine Community Solar partnering for a sustainable future

Supporting Maine’s sustainable future is at the core of what we do. That’s why we partnered with ReTreeUS in honor of Earth Day to plant a fruit orchard at Georgetown Central School.

The school orchard represents many of the things that are important to our mission and our business – education, community, the environment and supporting other like-minded organizations.

ReTreeUS worked with students and faculty through scattered showers to plant the orchard.

The students really dug in and literally broke new ground to plant this orchard. Their charisma was contagious and brought hope for a more sustainable future. A little rain didn’t stop them, a little hard work didn’t slow them down, and one day, when future generations eat fruit from the orchard, they will know their hard work paid off!

Like any great project, this one has depth and will unfold over time, delivering lasting benefits to the students and community. The students will learn about the trees in their orchard, the care they require, and methods for sustainable fruit tree harvesting. The school cafeteria and the community will benefit from the “fruits of their labor.”

This orchard was one of seven educational orchards ReTreeUS has planned for the season, and they have already completed another seven previously in the spring, bringing the total number to 14 orchards this year! They will be delivering seedlings around the State and their produce will be given to school cafeterias. Coast of Maine soil provided materials for the planting as well. They believe, as stated on their website, a healthy planet needs healthy soil.

As a green company dedicated to a sustainable future for the environment and Maine’s communities, it’s wonderful to be part of something like the Georgetown Central School orchard. Those trees can outlive us and create fruit and clean air for generations to come – a lasting change for the better.

ReTreeUS is a local Maine non-profit, check them out below: