Feature Friday: Little Harbor Window

Little Harbor Window has spent the last 38 years manufacturing windows and doors from sustainably harvested Mahogany for high-end residential and institutional projects. That kind of longevity comes with a sense of place and a role in the larger community that’s reflected in the way they run their business.

Their quality craftsmanship and service are evident in their business success, but their commitment to their community speaks to something deeper than profit margin. James Eaton, the company’s founder, shared this with us. “We send scrap wood to two different outfits that build wooden toys for underprivileged children. One of the groups employs disabled people to help build the toys. The other group is a retirement community with a woodshop that works through a local church group. We also leave containers of scrap outside our facility for local people to use for their own projects.”

 Their 30,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility is the focus of their sustainable business practices. The facility’s large electricity usage means they can make a positive impact on the environment with Community Solar. They are also replacing all of their outdated lightings with LED fixtures. They work with the Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Maine MEP) to evaluate their processes on a regular basis to continually make small improvements- they refer to it as LEAN manufacturing practices which boils down to eliminating waste in any/all areas. They also work with Maine Safety Works to ensure that the work environment is up to OSHA standards and safe for all of their employees.

We are grateful to work with such a great company, and appreciate the opportunity to help them move farther on their path to sustainability! Check out more about Little Harbor Window below:

+1 (800) 597 6344
+1 (207) 698 1332

PO Box 1188 Berwick, ME 03901

11 Little Harbor Rd. Berwick, ME 03901

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