Empowerment in Action: The Next Steps After Joining Community Solar in Maine

Are you interested in signing up with a solar farm in Maine but are unsure about the process? We’ve got you covered! Community solar is a rapidly growing clean energy initiative that offers *everyone with a utility bill* the chance to contribute to the planet’s well-being, support their community, AND save some money in the process.

But what happens AFTER you enroll? Glad you asked! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you understand the process:

  • Welcome Email
    This is the best part! You did it!! You’ve enrolled and will receive a $50 VISA card as Thank You *from us* for helping Maine meet its renewable energy goals. You will also receive a friendly hello from our team confirming your enrollment and information on how to access and register in the Customer Care portal.
  • Newsletter
    We’ll keep you in the know with our FREE monthly newsletter, “Watts Happening”. Each issue features community news, industry updates, upcoming events, and more!
  • Customer Care Portal
    Our providers provide access to a FREE portal for all solar supporters to see a behind-the-scenes look at their account and solar savings. You can manage your subscription, track energy production, and even connect LIVE with their Customer Care Team with any questions or concerns. And, of course, we’re here for you too! 
  • Determining Your Share
    We’ll review your current utility bill, and then hook you up with the Maine solar energy project that matches your energy usage needs.
  • Assigning Your Farm
    Matching your energy usage to solar farms in Maine is easy! Your provider will keep you informed with email progress updates, *even during construction* so you can stay in the know about your Maine solar journey.
  • Your Farm Goes Live
    Time to celebrate! 🥳 You will receive an email letting you know your farm is active as well as details on what to expect on future monthly electric bills.
  • Solar Credits
    Gotta love these!! Once the solar farm is active, you’ll immediately start earning solar credits on your utility bill. They’re like a reward for using clean energy! And don’t worry about those winter months. You will always receive your savings on the value of the solar credits you receive.
  • Your Savings
    Expect to wait about 3-4 months post-activation before seeing the savings on your electricity bill. But when you do.. CHA-CHING!!! 🤑
  • Long-Term Contracts
    Don’t you hate renewing contracts? We do too. That’s why you receive *continuous savings without the need for contract renewals.* In fact, THERE ISN’T A CONTRACT! You can cancel anytime. Moving? No worries! If you move within the same power company territory, you can take your subscription with you!!
  • Tell a Friend
    We’re all in this together! Supporting our community and protecting the environment is *our responsibility*. Tell your friends and family about the benefits of community solar in Maine and how they can access it FOR FREE with Maine Community Solar by their side. 

By subscribing to a solar energy project in Maine, you’re taking a vital step toward creating a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future. You don’t need to be a scientist or a superhero – just sign up and start using clean energy! Like Josh Miranda, owner of the Miranda Restaurant Group said, “it’s the right thing to do” for the planet, your wallet, and our community. Join the community solar movement today and make a positive impact! ☀️🌱

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