The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Cool & Your Wallet Happy

Summer is HERE! That means trips to the ocean, ice cream socials and rising temps. Unfortunately, rising temps also means rising electric costs – but not with Maine Community Solar! Even if your electric costs increase, you will always receive up to a 15% discount on the credits you receive when you are enrolled in a local solar farm. GUARANTEED! ✅  

Community solar can help you save on rising AC costs in several ways. Here are 5 reasons to go solar now:

  1. Shared Solar Power: With community solar, you can subscribe to a local solar farm within your utility service area. The electricity generated by these panels is fed into the grid, benefiting all subscribers. By participating in community solar, you can benefit from solar energy without having to install panels on your own property!
  2. Cost Savings: The electricity generated by local solar farms shows up as solar credits or net energy billing credits on your utility bills, resulting in savings on your electricity costs! As air conditioning tends to be a significant contributor to high energy consumption, community solar can help offset the rising AC costs. Our supporters typically see a savings of up to 15% PER MONTH!
  3. A Better Way to Save: Utility rates are subject to fluctuations due to various factors, such as fuel prices and market conditions. Community solar farms offer a fixed percentage discount on the credits they provide. This means you save more as your energy costs go up and continue to save even as costs go down
  4. Net Energy Billing: Net energy billing allows you to receive credits for the solar energy your subscription generates. These credits offset your electricity consumption year-round and can make a larger impact during times when your AC is running.
  5. Environmental Benefits: Using solar energy from a community solar farm reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and decreases greenhouse gas emissions. By participating in a renewable energy initiative like community solar, you contribute to a cleaner environment and help combat climate change.

So don’t wait until temperatures reach unbearable heights! Crank that AC and don’t sweat the extra costs. Keep your cool and your wallet happy with Maine Community Solar!