Sustainable Fall Practices for Inside the Home

Fall is officially upon us! Wednesday, September 22nd marked the first day of fall this year. The leaves have begun to change and the nights have officially gained their autumn chill. We prepare outside the home for winter storms and next year’s gardens, but what about inside the home? We have gathered 9 simple efforts for inside the home, so we can all enjoy a more sustainable fall and a cozy, eco-friendly home in these coming winter months.

It seems tempting to turn up the heat in the winter and maintain your own little toasty escape in these winter months, but by adjusting your heat 2 degrees lower in the winter, you can save 2,000 lbs of carbon dioxide a year! Alternately, many simply invest in a smart thermostat, so you can sit back and know it’s making all the smart sustainable choices for you.

Open your curtains and shades on sunny days and let the sun warm your house. Save energy and money with passive solar heating and lighting from the sun! Get all the sun rays you can in the colder months, and brighten your spaces knowing you are lowering your energy consumption each time you open the curtains and let the sunlight in.

Most are set at 140 degrees, but we never actually use water that hot at home, and it’s only wasting oil or electricity. Why not avoid burning extra oil or using less electricity during the months in Maine where our utility bills often rise?

Remove blockages from vents and have your furnace serviced yearly. Why? For the sake of efficiency. When our appliances are running efficiently, they are saving energy and saving us money. Avoid fire hazards, save money, and save energy -a win-win, if you ask us!

Bring your house plants back inside! Hurry, before the frost! Don’t have any house plants, maybe it’s time to change that? They help clean the air, are aesthetically pleasing, and can help with stress relief… plants are great improvements to any home.

Avoid harsh chemicals found in most store-bought candles, like paraffin wax, and spend a fun day making your own! Beeswax and coconut oil are great alternatives. Create festive scents with fun natural seasonal ingredients, and keep it eco-friendly as we prepare for candle-lit nights inside this fall.

Thrift store finds like sweaters and flannels are great ways to freshen up your wardrobe without giving into fast fashion. New-to-me can be just as exciting as brand new as we take into consideration our sustainability goals. 

Some food for thought to consider before you shop this fall: 

  • It can take up to 40 years for textiles to decompose
  • The creation of one cotton shirt requires 700 gallons of water
  • It can take as long as 1,000 years for shoes to decompose
  • An estimated 82 pounds of textiles waste is discarded by each American per year
  • 95% of clothing can actually be recycled

It’s costume season! Think Green, even though the leaves are Brown! Avoid buying new costumes for Halloween, instead, try a thrift store, make your own, trade with a friend, or reuse one from past years! 

In America, 3.4 billion is spent on costumes each year and about 85% of costumes are discarded after the holidays.

Renewable energy has been accessible in Maine since 2019 when the state of Maine’s legislation began supporting clean energy efforts. These efforts allow Mainer’s renewable energy options. Interested in supporting Maine’s sustainability efforts.

Enroll in a community solar program!

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