How to Vacation For Le$$

Add your vacation home to your community solar subscription and save all year round! One community solar perk is you can add multiple accounts within the same utility service area so you can relax on vacation and save money at the same time. (We can also help if your vacation home is in a different utility area.) You can add on as many accounts as you need FOR FREE and save up to 15% on each account! That’s over $350 a year!! And because we’re a company all about helping the community, we are a free state-backed program with nothing to buy, install, or maintain and no additional monthly fees. The only “cost” is your electric bill, though we wish we could eliminate that for you. 

Community solar + Maine = a brighter, more sustainable future. Help Maine meet its renewable energy goals, and save some green of your own in the process! 🤑

The sun doesn’t take a vacation. Tackle your next adventure knowing you’re supported by Maine Community Solar and the power of the sun! 🌞

 Let’s create a sustainable future for Maine together – one enrollment at a time!

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