Eco-Friendly Fall Tips for Outside the Home

As the nights begin to cool and seasons begin to shift, we welcome fall back again. Fall is a time of settling in and preparing for winter. As we begin making those fall to-do lists, we stop to consider how we can approach them in a more sustainable manner? We have found 8 great ways to be more eco-friendly outside the home this fall.

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Preserve Garden Goodies

Save the last of your garden’s bounty this fall. As the frosty nights creep closer, consider preserving the remainder of your harvest. Canning and pickling veggies, and drying and storing herbs are all great ways to lessen food waste and enjoy some tasty treats in the winter months!

By Preserving your last Garden Goodies you are…

  • Practicing Mindfulness by respecting your food resources.
  • Learning and understanding shelf stability (save your preserved foods for up to 1 year).
  • Avoiding Food Waste. ⅓ of the 1.3 million tons of waste each year is from food waste.

Shop for Seasonal Local Foods

This fall, support your local farmers and economy by buying local produce. Lower the need for long-distance food transport in your area, and enjoy some seasonal snacks. A fall harvest in Maine may include beets, carrots, onions, pumpkins, radishes, turnips, and more!

The United States alone wastes 40 million tons of food per year.

Reuse Old Water Bottles

If you have any plastic water bottles around your home, now is the time to use them and keep them out of landfills! As the temperature drops, your remaining plants may be left vulnerable. You can use those old water bottles as little teeny greenhouses for your plants. Keep your plants happy and plastic out of landfills!

35 Billion Water Bottles are thrown away each year.

Compost your Leaves!

Don’t waste valuable future fertilizer, instead, consider composting your leaves. If you don’t have a compost started yet, leaves are a great starter pile! You can even sprinkle them across your lawn and mow them over for lawn fertilizer or over garden beds! 

Learn more about composting in our Eco-Friendly Composting Edition!

Prep Next Year’s Garden

This is a great time to prep next year’s garden before the ground freezes! Remove weeds, vines, and clear out your garden bed. Till your soil, add some compost, and maybe even plant some veggies before the frost. Many plant their tulips, shrubs, and trees in the fall to help them get established before winter.

Some Veggies to Plant in the Fall:

Leafy Greens, Onions, Shallots, Spring Onions, Garlic, Asparagus, Turnips, Carrots, Winter Lettuce, Perpetual Spinach, and Broad Beans.

Yard Work

Use manual tools instead of power tools for smaller projects, the environment will thank you!

Save the Berries for the Birds!

Avoid pruning your fall fruiting plants and leave those tasty leftover treats for the birds. Winters are not easy times for foraging, and food scarcity is a hard reality birds face each winter.

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