Becoming a Vampire Slayer: 4 Practical Steps to Combat Wasted Energy

You probably think you’re doing everything right: using energy-efficient bulbs, turning off lights when not in use.. but energy-suckers, also known as vampire energy, are everywhere – and the effects can be dramatic. The consequences extend beyond just wasted energy and exorbitant electric bills. Vampire energy also contributes to the emission of greenhouse gases, which exacerbates climate change and further depletes our planet’s resources. Fortunately, there are simple, helpful strategies to combat vampire power and reclaim wasted energy. Here are the 4 key steps to becoming a vampire slayer:

  • Unplug or Use Power Strips: Unplugging any unused items is highly recommended to avoid standby power consumption. However, with so many electronic devices in our homes these days, this can prove to be a tedious, monotonous task. Consider using advanced power strips. Smart power strips sense energy flow and ensure maximum efficiency by automatically shutting off power to devices when not in use.
  • Choose Energy-Efficient Devices: These devices were created with vampire power in mind. They were designed specifically to reduce power-suckers and to promote energy efficiency by using less energy even during standby mode. Look for the Energy Star symbol when purchasing appliances like dishwashers and w/d units. Their upfront costs are greatly out-weighed by their long-term savings.
  • Embrace Solar Energy: Studies have shown vampire energy can easily attribute up to 20% of your electric bill! As discussed, unplugging unused items, using power strips, and utilizing energy-efficient devices are great ways to help combat the energy-suckers in your home. However, solar energy is the clear solution to helping combat pesky electronic leakage and overall energy use. The average household that enrolls in a local solar farm has the same impact on carbon emissions as planting 100 tree seedlings! Plus you save up to 15% on your electricity costs in the process. Clean energy, clean conscience. Sign up today!

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